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We empower people to transform themselves, their organizations, and the world through exceptional leadership.

  • Keynote Presentations and Public Talks
  • Customized Workshops, Trainings, and Webinars
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Team and Organizational Retreat Planning
  • Organizational Development Consulting
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Praise from our Partners and Clients . . .

Danielle was fantastic in her delivery, knowledge, and enthusiasm; her love of the material was apparent and contagious. The class was structured appropriately and allowed engagement for all participants.

Course Participant

The content was amazing! The activities and exercises created the perfect mix of ways to learn.

Course Participant

Danielle Harlan’s work regarding authenticity as a leader, employee engagement, and unleashing creativity is a masterclass in clear and memorable communication.

Keynote Speaking Client

Good counselor and advisor to me . . . Danielle has been enormously helpful as a sounding board as we have moved into a very ambitious reorganization process.

Executive Coaching Client

Spectacular job! This was a huge technology challenge and required deep cultural change across the organization . . . but Danielle did it and did a great job in the handoff.

Organizational Development Client

This was an excellent coaching experience! Working with Danielle is almost like having an unfair advantage.

Executive Coaching and Organizational Development Client

The instructors are fantastic! They create discussions that are insightful and interesting, and genuinely care about their students. Overall, I really enjoyed learning from them.

Course Participant

There were lots of areas where I could connect what you were teaching to recent experiences. It was very interactive and felt personalized.

Training Participant

I have been raving about this class and will continue to recommend it to anyone who is an aspiring or current leader. Danielle is highly engaging, energetic, knowledgeable, and a master facilitator.

Course Participant