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A Rising Generation of Leaders are Ready to Shape the Future. They are the New Alphas.

But their definition of success goes beyond personal achievement.

But they also want to be a force for good in the world.

They use their power and influence to improve the lives of others.

They speak ideas, generate excitement, and make things happen.

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Download a FREE Chapter of The New Alpha here.

About the Book

This step-by-step guide to New Alpha leadership includes:

  • Self-assessments that will help you to customize the program to meet your personal needs
  • Short- and long-term planning templates, including sample daily plans
  • A personalized tracking system, including weekly check-in templates, that will allow you to monitor and increase your progress over time
  • Advice for dealing with difficult people and for reaching out to potential mentors and sponsors who will support and encourage you along the way
  • Tips, tricks, and tools for being an engaging, inspiring, and supportive leader—who also gets results

***The New Alpha was also named one of Forbes’ Recommended Books for Creative Leaders (Fall 2016) and one of the top picks for Fall 2016 by Publishers Weekly.

New Alpha Core Beliefs

Download a FREE Chapter of The New Alpha here.

What People are Saying about The New Alpha...

A field guide for leaders who aspire to be a force for good. It’s full of hands-on tools, skill-building exercises, self-assessments, and progress trackers that you can use immediately.

Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of ORIGINALS and GIVE AND TAKE


The traditional ‘Alpha’ concept of leadership is so yesterday, and no one knows that better than Danielle Harlan, purveyor of the brilliant ‘New Alpha’ paradigm. To read Harlan is to take the hand of a wise and friendly coach who believes in you and wants to help you get wherever it is you want to go. Readers emerge knowing how to cultivate the essential habits that will transform us as humans and as leaders, and we’re eager to get started NOW. Transcending gender, race, and generation, The New Alpha paradigm is a must-read for anyone who longs to unlock their potential and make a significant difference in our world.

Julie Lythcott-Haims, Author, New York Times bestseller How to Raise an Adult


The New Alpha provides an invaluable road map for those aspiring to be the leaders our society desperately needs – people who strive to be their best selves and to lead with and through others in pursuit of improving our collective welfare.

Wendy Kopp, Founder, Teach For America and CEO & Co-founder, Teach For All


“My former college classmate, Danielle Harlan, takes a fascinating deep dive into what motivates today’s leaders. It’s not just about the skills, energy and drive to excel, but also a genuine desire to cultivate the best in those they lead to move toward a greater good, a better world. This is an engaging, inspirational read.”

Congressman Eric Swalwell


The New Alpha is more contemporary and more innovative than any other leadership book I’ve read. I envision companies scrapping their tired, marginally effective leader development workshops and instead using The New Alpha to engage and develop their high potentials.

Tom Kolditz, PhD, Ann and John Doerr Institute for New Leaders; Brigadier General, US Army (ret); and Founding Director, West Point Leadership Center


The New Alpha is fierce! This is not one of your run-of-the-mill aspirational, feel-good, lofty books about leadership. It’s a gritty journey through personal reflection and introspection that pushes you out of your comfort zone and propels you into a space where you can transform and redefine parts of yourself to become the ‘whole’ leader and change agent you want to be in every facet of your life and as far- and wide-reaching as you can imagine. If you want to be good, do good, and effect real change in today’s world, The New Alpha is a must read!

Jamila M. Hall, Partner, Jones Day, Leadership Atlanta, Class of 2017


Wow! You get your money’s worth with Harlan—really, more like three books combined into one. The focus on ‘personal excellence’ would have been more than sufficient, but then Harlan gives this context in terms of making a difference (‘personal leadership’), and then application for more effective ‘team/organizational leadership.’ Indeed, Harlan understands that, as the airlines instruct, when something unexpected happens you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you can help others. If you want to make a difference in your organization, and be an exemplary leader, you have to start with becoming the best you can be.

Barry Z. Posner, PhD, Accolti Professor of Leadership, Santa Clara University and co-author of The Leadership Challenge and Learning Leadership


I loved every page of The New Alpha. The writing is clear and immediate, and the ideas are so applicable to the real daily issues of leading. More than a book, this program offers Do Nows, interactive activities, journal exercises, self-assessments, and mini-assignments that will make concepts come alive and help you to integrate all the valuable ideas into your real life. Halfway through the book I had already changed two habits! A great guide for being the best leader you can be in work, with family, with friends, and in life.

Jesse Sage Noonan, EdD, Chief Academic Officer for the Youth Policy Institute


This is as much a book about who the ‘New Alphas’ are as it is a guidebook for how to embody this approach to leadership. Harlan weaves definitions, descriptions and stories together to help you understand ‘New Alpha’ distinctions, and then helps you discover where you are in the spectrum. She also provides you with incredibly diverse, real-life, and creative strategies for developing your self-assessed areas for growth on each of The New Alpha leadership competencies. I particularly like her ideas for maintaining your ‘circle of support’ and practicing gratitude, as they apply specifically to my life. Expect these and other life-altering nuggets as you read and work your way through the program.

Andy Petranek, Coach, Entrepreneur, Founder & co-CEO Whole Life Challenge


From real-life examples, to templates and accountability trackers, The New Alpha delivers: this is not just a book but a guide to living a life of meaning and impact. Harlan’s direct and practical approach is sprinkled with humility, reflection and humor. She makes New Alpha leadership approachable and attainable for all.

Ahnna Smith, government and nonprofit executive


Compelling, inspirational and motivational! The New Alpha provides data, stories and techniques to tap into your strengths and create a lifelong plan for your personal growth and leadership development. A ‘must read’ for all who strive to be the best they can be!

Kim Meredith, Executive Director, Stanford Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society


Redefining success requires a practical framework, built on data-driven insights and a holistic view of your life. Harlan delivers an enduring new leadership model for the Future of Work.

Sally Thornton, CEO & Founder of Forshay and TEDx speaker.


The New Alpha forges a path for anyone aspiring to a vision of success that goes beyond the next rung of the ladder in your industry. Danielle Harlan paints a picture of leadership grounded in impact, fulfillment and self-actualization––a breath of fresh air in the business literature. It’s rare that a book so deftly provides actionable insights while not promising superficial quick fixes. There’s no way you’ll come away from this book without being a more focused, purposeful, authentic, and self-possessed leader.

Rob Strain, Partner at Transcend Education


Danielle Harlan is cheering you on to be the best leader you can be. In this book she guides you with a steady hand, clear mind and a moral compass.

Heather Kirkpatrick, PhD, President and CEO of Aspire University and former Chief People Office for Aspire Public Schools


Want to take your life and leadership to the next level—but not sure where to begin? A far cry from the typical ‘leadership’ book, The New Alpha is filled with inspiring stories and actionable advice that will help you to define your purpose, formulate a plan, and maximize your impact.

Anne Loehr, Author of A Manager’s Guide to Coaching and Managing the Unmanageable, named the “Generational Guru” by The Washington Post


At last, a leadership book that recognizes that for one to be outstanding in their craft, balance and one’s unique voice sets the foundation. For all, the return on time investment by reading The New Alpha will be exponential.

Catherine M. Casserly, PhD, Catalyst for Openness, Leadership and Innovation in Education; Former CEO of Creative Commons; and Aspen Institute Fellow

Download a FREE Chapter of The New Alpha here.